CUETS Master Cards

Opening an Account

To open a personal membership with Osoyoos Credit Union you will need your Social Insurance Number plus any current signed identification, which could include the following:

Acceptable Primary ID (with photograph)
• BC or other Provincial Driver’s Licence with photograph (not interim) • Current Canadian passport • Passports from other countries • Canadian Armed Forces ID Card • Permanent Residence Card • Other (must have picture, description, signature, security features, expiry date) Acceptable Secondary

ID (with signature):
• Canadian Birth Certificate • Other Provincial Driver’s Licence (without photograph) • Credit Card – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® etc • BC Identification Card issued by ICBC • Certificate of Indian Status Card • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship • BC CareCard

Hold Policy on Cheque Deposits The following information will assist you in understanding our hold policy on cheques deposited to personal or business deposit accounts:
When you process a deposit through our office a hold period may apply for your cheque to clear before the funds are available to you. The funds will be credited to your account at the time of deposit, but you may not be able to access the funds immediately.