CUETS Master Cards

Collecting your Personal Information

Why does the Credit Union need my personal information?

We need your Social Insurance Number because the government requires us to obtain it for reporting your dividends on your shares and the interest you earn on your deposits.

We need you to provide third-party information because it is required by anti-money laundering legislation.

Some of your personal information is required by law, such as your identification details, date of birth, and home address. We use your name and address to send you account statements and other important information about the Credit Union, such as upcoming elections for directors.

We need your personal information to identify you and make sure your records are kept separate from others with a similar name. We also use your personal information to provide products and services to you, to protect you and us from fraud and error, such as identity theft, and to verify information on your personal credit report.

Some uses of your personal information are optional and you do not have to consent to them, but they will help us improve the products and services we offer to everyone. For example, if you consent, we also use your personal information to develop and deliver the best possible products and services, to conduct surveys to ensure a high standard of service, and to determine your eligibility for additional products and services. We may occasionally send you marketing information about special promotions, financial advice, and the Credit Union’s activities, events, and seminars.

When does the Credit Union collect my personal information?

With your express consent, we collect information from you when you apply for membership, an account, a loan, a debit card, or other products and services. When you make an application we will ask you to sign a consent that contains information about how we will use your personal information, and to which other parties we can disclose your personal information.

With your express consent, we also collect information from other organizations and individuals (e.g., a credit bureau) and your references (e.g., your employer) when you apply for credit products and credit-related services.

Why do you need my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

We are required by law to collect your SIN to report your membership share dividends and deposit interest to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). There are similar reporting requirements for registered plan products.

When we order your full personal credit report from a credit bureau, using your SIN, with your express consent, is the best way to make sure we get a complete and accurate credit report about you and not another person. When we update information at a credit bureau, using your SIN ensures it goes on your credit file.

Does the Credit Union give or sell my personal information to other organizations?

We give your information to other organizations ONLY in the following circumstances:

  • We give it to third-party processors and other suppliers in connection with providing you with products and services you request, such as data service providers and card manufacturers.
  • If you have a loan, we give your credit information to the credit bureaus to keep your credit file up to date.
  • We give it to regulatory bodies and others if required or authorized by law.
  • We give it to organizations that supply products and services to our members through us, such as insurance companies and cheque printers.

Under no circumstances do we sell or trade any personal information.

How long does the Credit Union keep my information?

We keep your personal information as long as it is needed to provide you with products and services. With your express consent, we use your existing personal information when you apply for new products and services. If we need to, we confirm or update your information before using it for the new application.

If you no longer do business with us, we keep your personal information for at least a year, or longer if there are legal or business reasons for doing so. After this period, we securely destroy, erase, or anonymize your personal information.