CUETS Master Cards

Protecting your Privacy

What can I do to protect my privacy?

If you use our online banking, or you have a Member Card® debit card, you must select personal security codes and numbers (e.g., Personal Access Code, Personal Identification Number). It is your responsibility to protect this information from misuse.

We recommend that you keep your personal and banking information, such as account and credit card statements and blank cheques, in a safe place that only you and people you trust can access. Do not write down your personal security codes and numbers.

Do not send important information (e.g., personal information, account details) to us or anyone else via unencrypted email.

How does the Credit Union protect my personal information?

 We have many policies, procedures, and physical and electronic systems in place to help us to protect your personal information. For example, as employees, we sign confidentiality agreements and receive privacy training. Access to our premises is restricted and records are kept in locked fireproof cabinets. We also use various electronic means to protect our networks and your data.


If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please contact our Privacy Officer by email ( or call the branch (250-495-6522)