Just for you, our members

When it comes to financial products and services, we want to provide you with a varied and attractive range of choices. From “good old” savings accounts to mutual funds*, you’ll find a complete array of financial options for your consideration.

Eighteen Month Term (18 Month)

A term deposit that allows the member to earn a higher rate of interest and have the ability to redeem the term on the Primary account holder’s birth date or the anniversary date of the term. This term is also available in US funds. Minimum deposit required.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are available as an investment option with our Mutual fund licensed Advisor.
There are many types of funds available with different risk tolerances. Common types are money market fund, income funds and equity funds.
There are also balanced funds which hold all three types of investments. The funds are divided into units. Unit values are updated frequently based on the market value of the investments.
Mutual funds and security related financial planning services are offered through Credential Asset Management, Member of MFDA.

Index Linked Term Deposit

A term deposit where your principal is protected, providing a lower-risk alternative to investing directly in equities.
Interest is tied to the growth of the S&P/TSX 60 over the term of the deposit, allowing for the potential of greater returns than standard deposits.

2 term options: Secure 3 year or 5 year non-redeemable fixed terms.
Index-Linked Term Deposits can be part of registered plans, and deposits are eligible for deposit insurance (subject to provincial limits)..

Unlike other term deposits, there is no guaranteed return on this product.
Depending on the performance of the stocks comprising the S&P/TSX 60 Index over the term, it is possible that, at maturity, the investor will receive only their principal back.

A product option that has been available with Central 1 since 1996. Osoyoos Credit Union added this product to our investment fleet in 2020.

Term Deposits

A term deposit is a specified principal amount invested by a member, usually at a guaranteed rate of interest for a designated term. At Osoyoos Credit Union, we can offer you high interest investments with flexibility – short or long term.

  • Excellent rates for short term (30-364 day) deposits, and for longer term (1-5 year) deposits
  • Non-redeemable term deposits offer a better-than average rate of interest for a fixed period of time.
  • Interest is paid either at maturity or annually, automatically credited to the account of your choice or compounded to the term.
  • Interest paid monthly (minimum deposit requirement)
  • Can be used as security for a low interest rate loan
  • Early redemption feature is available subject to an interest rate reduction (from original deposit date on redeemable term deposits).